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How We Are Compensated

For clients fortunate enough to have substantial assets, the cost of professional management can be substantial as well. My entire practice is centered around making the fees you pay more than worth it. 

Specifically, my services have a comprehensive annualized fee of 1% on invested assets, paid quarterly, in arrears.
What this means:

Comprehensive - Enlightened Advisors Wealth Management is a "Fee Only" Registered Investment Advisory firm. The only income we receive is from you paying for advice. We are fully independent and do not collect commissions, 12B-1 Fees, or markups. We do not participate in any vendor incentives, have quotas, sell proprietary products, or in any other way bias our decision-making away from what is in your best interest. We also pay for any ticket fees or charges that a vendor may impose, so that the advisory fee is truly the only cost to engage our expertise. 

1% - Many advisors, especially those at large "Wirehouse" firms have to share a very large cut of their revenue with their firm. This means that for your business to be worth their time, they must charge you more; A rate of 1.5% - 2% is not uncommon. 

Invested Assets - Cash and bank deposit positions are excluded from management fees. Whether you need money soon for spending or we have some cash on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity, I do not fee that it is appropriate to impose a cost on these funds. 

Paid quarterly - A new billing cycle starts every three months and my commitment is to provide a thorough and specific account update every quarter before any fee is withdrawn. I do not get paid if you are not kept well informed. 

In arrears - Unlike many advisors, I do not charge for the upcoming quarter but rather charge only on work we have already done. You should pay only if you are satisfied with how things are, not based on speculation for the future.